Coaching is an evidence-based, individualized process that helps you get from where you are to where you want to go.

It is distinct from therapy, mentoring, consulting, and training and holds you as the expert of your life. Coaching maintains that you have the wisdom for change right within you.

Sometimes, however, we need support in illuminating, understanding, and becoming present with our truths. As your coach, I partner with you to connect with your strengths, values, and possibility – challenging old ways of thinking and inspiring new awareness and action.

You might find coaching beneficial if you are:

Sensing there is something more to the meaning and purpose of your life or work.
Embarking on a new venture, but uncertain about the process.
Feeling stuck in defining new commitments or goals.
Wanting greater leadership presence and influence.
Seeking more effective communication strategies.
Striving to improve important relationships.

How do we partner together?

I work with a select number of clients throughout the year and offer dedicated partnership and support.   We can work together through 
Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, or a combination.

Leadership Coaching

Ideal for those ready to make meaningful, lasting change in self-leadership and/or leadership of others. On this coaching journey we will explore mindsets, habits, perspectives, and values. We will also practice skills and approaches such as self-awareness, mindful listening, empowering inquiry, assertive communication, values-based action, and leadership presence. Through our work we will challenge (and honor) old ways of being and inspire new awareness and growth.

Life Coaching

Perfect for those ready for change and uncertain about the path forward. On this coaching journey we will connect with where you have been, where you are now, and the emerging future ahead. We will explore mindsets and values, vision the future, and identify life’s next chapter.

What coaching clients are saying. . .

“Toral’s powerful coaching presence empowered me to find a new direction for myself, and to confidently take a career step I had been fearing for months. ”


Former tech industry leader in California

“Toral provides a beautiful grounded presence that creates a secure atmosphere in which I could show up fully. Her skillful listening, questioning, and reflecting offered me an opportunity to grow in my confidence over a short period of time.”

Nonprofit leader in Wisconsin

“I went into the coaching experience thinking that I wanted help in making one decision. Toral helped me look a lot deeper and find the real question I was asking, and supported me while making that decision. ”

Full-time parent in California

“I was so very stuck! In my quest to move forward, Toral and I began our coaching partnership and with her warm nature, insightful questions, and unwavering support and encouragement I was able to find the best path and next steps that I needed to take…and took them. I am now in a much better place and very grateful to have her as a coach.”

Program management professional in Wisconsin

How it Works

Group Coaching and Training

I deliver customized workshops rooted in the coach approach and mindfulness training techniques.  Topics include:

  • 9Leadership
  • 9Values
  • 9Resilience
  • 9Effective communication
  • 9Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

To learn more about these offerings, please contact me to schedule time to explore how we might partner together.