Mentor Coaching is a
co-created, strengths-based process designed to support you on the path towards coach credentialing or renewal.

A mentor coach offers guidance, feedback and support in alignment with the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) Core Competencies.

You might find mentor coaching beneficial if you are:

On the credentialing or renewal path and are committed to honing your skills and developing mastery.
Feeling rusty in your coaching and would benefit from some additional support and feedback.

Leveraging a coach approach, mentor coaching is steeped in open and direct communication about goals, strengths, areas for growth, process, and progress. I will partner with you to lean into your growth edges while also honoring your unique coaching style.

Through our partnership, we will also practice noticing mindsets or behaviors/urges that are impacting your coaching presence and skill. With a “beginner’s mind” we will focus on progress, not perfection – building self-compassion, self-awareness, and confidence.

How do we partner together?

I work with a select number of mentor coaching clients throughout the year and offer dedicated partnership and support. There are two ways we can work together:

ACC/PCC Credential or Renewal

During this engagement we will have monthly sessions to review audio recordings of your coaching sessions, celebrate strengths, and identify areas of growth. During our check-ins we will also explore coaching presence and any mindsets or patterns of reactivity that might be impacting how you are serving your clients.

Skill Building and Practice

This partnership includes reviewing selections from audio recordings, practicing key coaching competencies, and exploring mindsets/habits/urges that might be influencing your coaching presence. We will celebrate strengths and co-create opportunities for growth and skill development.

What mentor coaching students are saying. . .

“Toral was very supportive while offering feedback and examples regarding how to improve my coaching sessions. She helped me to determine my purpose with the client and how I could be more present and less in my head. She modeled presence and service in our sessions, and I felt what it’s like as a client to have a coach whose intention is service and presence. She was specific with her feedback. “

“Toral [approached] each of our session[s] with a coaching mentality. Toral provided space, challenged me, allow[ed] for new insights, and always honored my learning. “

“[Toral] created a safe and nurturing space to ask questions and helped me to explore my coaching strengths and opportunities for growth.”

To learn more about these offerings, please contact me to schedule time to explore how we might partner together.