Luxuriously Productive

Mar 18, 2022 | Leadership

What comes to mind when you hear the word “luxury”?  Delight, decadence, rare, special…?

What do you notice with the word “productive”? Work, tasks, accomplishment, value…?

How we relate to these words is informed by our life experiences, values, current context, and so much more.  For much of my life these two words and their meaning were mutually exclusive.  I valued both but saw them as something I had to toggle between.  And usually productive won.  

Many moons ago, during a session with one of my amazing coaches (I’m looking at you, Sharon Barbour), I realized that I wanted to invite more luxury and delight into my life.  I also noticed that as soon as I would consider how to do that thoughts of guilt, embarrassment, and fear would show up because I would have to sacrifice being productive. And then something interesting happened – we considered what if I didn’t have to stay stuck in the false binary of choosing one or the other but could find a way to live into both at the same time.  A way to be luxuriously productive!  YES!  

This mindset shift of bringing both luxury and productivity into my life everyday has been a game changer!  With this mindset in place I relate to my work differently.  And as a result I’m more creative in how I approach the day. It has become a daily mantra and a foundational company value for my business.

Over the years many of my clients have also resonated with the idea of inviting ways to be luxuriously productive.  I’ve started a list of all of the creative ways it is showing up in people’s lives – here’s a snapshot:

  • Starting each meeting with a mindful minute

  • Keeping photos of favorite vacation destinations in the work space

  • Listening to music from a dream vacation while brainstorming ideas

  • Inviting colleagues/clients to have a walking meeting

  • Washing a few dishes at a time during commercial breaks of your favorite show

  • Playing a board game during weekly team meetings/huddles

  • Wearing a favorite article of clothing while working a long shift

  • Sipping on a soothing, warm beverage while responding to difficult emails

  • Petting the dog while reading briefing materials 

  • Folding the laundry while listening to a recording of your favorite concert

  • Swapping offices with a colleague for the day/week

The possibilities are endless!  Clients describe that they often feel less tired, more fulfilled, have greater confidence and feel joyful on the days they invite luxurious productivity into their day.  And what becomes possible from there is truly amazing – more meaningful interactions, less resentment, willingness to engage in difficulty, honoring boundaries, and so much more.

So what are some ways you live into (or could live into) being luxuriously productive? How would this impact your life, work, and how you lead?