Rebirth of Slick

Sep 8, 2022 | Entrepreneurship, Self-Awareness

Holy Bananas!…We’re two weeks away from the fall equinox and I’m still catching my breath from the summer!  Time flies when you’re having fun…and rebuilding a website!

Late last year I hired an awesome business coach/mentor, Jess Parvin, to help me imagine how to rebrand and share my offerings with the world.  On the one hand, it was a moment in business growth – to think about who I serve and how we can make magic together. On the other hand, it was a moment on my life’s journey – to think about how to shine my light, share my story, and offer my perspective.  I was scared and so very excited!!

Over eight months, Jess and I partnered on thinking about “why me, why now?”   We also explored how to convey a genuine sense of what it’s like to partner with me.  The first step in all of that was for me to acknowledge the fears and mindsets that were holding me back from showing up fully.  In short, I needed to acknowledge and develop a new relationship with a lifetime of learned code switching, assimilation, and playing it safe.  I also had to connect with why it was worth facing my fears – what was it all in service of??  The answer was – joy, peace, and connection.  Without connecting with my own “why” I would never be willing to work with the fears that were trying to keep me safe (and holding me back).

Ultimately, I’m still in process – gently accepting and allowing my fears and excitement to all be true.  Through it all, we developed a site that feels like me!  It represents me through color, language, images, artifacts, and so much more!  What do you think?  How does it resonate or not resonate with you? 

As with any website, it is a living document that will evolve as I and my practice grow.  I’m so thankful for my clients, colleagues, friends, and family who have helped shape the site.  I’m also so grateful to Romulo Ueda for capturing my energy, passion, and care through his sweet portrait photography.  

Here’s to new beginnings, transformation, and abundant joy!  Let’s make magic together!